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    Use the Team & Player Matchmaker community to find a team or additional players.

    When posting, please include

    1. Name,
    2. Skill/Experience Level,
    3. Age & Gender
    4. Contact info
    5. Something unique about you or why you love Wildwood
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    Nay (Nye)

    Looking for 1 Experienced Girl and up to 2 Experienced guys to be on our team. We will have 9 or 10 people already.
    $45/ person. Firm. Must play both days. And have Own lodging and transportation.
    We are a casual pickup team from Lancaster PA. — Lots of Heart, talent, and and fun!
    Most of us have not played tournaments so you would be an asset if you have and are able to help guide us.
    Variable age ranges.
    Message me if seriously interested.

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    Sam Osborne


    1. Sam Osborne
    2. Handler/cutter at below club level…played 7 years of pada league play in the PA/DE area
    3. 34 years young/ Male
    4. sosborn3@dtcc.edu
    5. I love to play ultimate because I get to get in great shape during the summer month and love the commardarie of the game. Started playing the game late in my 20s after years of running track and basketball.

    Side note: Have my own lodging and transportation for both days. Willing to stay to play till sunday. Also I have I friend that is also willing to play and he plays at club level in west chester, PA.

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    Erik Nash

    Erik Nash
    Good into the wind handler, conservative throwing, lots of energy and comradery!
    35 male
    I just moved back from Hawaii and miss the beach! Playing summer league so Ill be in good shape and ready to party! I’m single and usually have more energy on Sunday than most! I can also guarantee foot blocks.

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    1 Theodore Gremur III
    2 High energy D player/speed cutter, 4 years in college with 2 years experience in Club. Not a liability. Bilingual.
    3 29 & Male
    4 tgw6@humboldt.edu
    5 Was introduced to Ultimate on West Coast, if you want a teammate that plays and parties in the Humboldt Spirit, let’s talk. Never played an East Coast tournament before.

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    1 Agnes Monseur,
    2 Like dive anywhere in the sand, 8 years of experience as a recreative player and 5 years as a competitive player,
    3 Female, 37
    4 amonseur@gmail.com
    5 Come from Montreal, planning to come right after the Nationals at Aurora, it is going to be the end of my ultimate summer vacation!

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    Garrett G Nayar

    My name’s Garrett! I’m 25, a dude, average height. Been playing about four years, and this will likewise be my fourth year at Wildwood. I’m a decent player, doing summer league currently and also going to the gym a bit more to prepare my knees for beach ultimate. Love making new friends and seeing old ones, Wildwood rules! Please lemme on yer team.

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    Craig Umland
    League level handler/cutter, have been playing for 15 years
    cwumland (at) gmail.com
    Coming from Philadelphia, have played 2 years at Wildwood, I try to be an asset on and off the field

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    Hi there,
    1 Female player and 1 Male player looking for a fun team to join comepeting in the beer league. We have come all the way from India to participate in WUCC happening in Cincinnati. It’ll be great to play a fun tournament on the beach and chill with few beers.
    1. Ishta/26/Female
    Experience – Almost 2 years.
    Role – Handler
    Contact number – +916383752749
    I’m sure I’ll take the most number of selfies or pictures on the team.
    2. SC/28/Male
    Experience – 7 years.
    Role – Handler

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    Looking for beer league team. Male, decades of experience, solid handler, moderate agility, not as fast as I once was 🙂 active GM & GGM player.

    Grand Master/GGM handler & cutter
    Contact: monmouth_se at yahoo.com

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    Emily D

    Hi there!

    Looking for 1 woman and 2-3 men of any experience level for 3:1 beer league. Ideally would play both days, we have open spots for lodging. Must love making new best friends, having fun and laying out in the sand. Message if interested!

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    hi emily,
    im a 33y/o female that plays weekly pickup looking for a team. let me know if you still need a female player.

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    Alex Bodaken

    Hey Ishta we would love to have you and SC on our 2:2 beer league team if you are still looking for a team! We also have spots at the Bolero. I couldn’t figure out how to text the # you submitted (I am dumb) but hopefully you see this…thanks!

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    1. Katie
    2. 13 years, college, Club and now DC leagues, cutter–good on sand
    3. Turning 34 this week!
    4. kmkhoury@gmail.com
    5. Spent some formative childhood years in Ocean City, NJ so sorta a local.

    Important to know is I can only play on Saturday, and I don’t need any lodging.

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    Hi there! We are looking for a female player. If you are still looking and interested email me at patrick.everson@gmail.com.

    We are a fun team that will play spirit games, do dance time outs, and give MVP awards away at the end of games. The core group of us met playing Potlatch (now Sunbreak) 5 years ago and the friendships we formed there with new people means we are always looking for new players and friends!

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