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    Hey all,

    My team is currently looking for 1-2 female players for our Wildwood team. We are a fun group comprised of folks out of mostly the DC area and California. Most of the team is in their early to mid 30’s (there’s a couple of young bucks on the team in their 20’s :-P). We aren’t overly competitive and seek to win the party before winning games.

    I can also help with lodging if you need that as well.

    Also, willing to take another guy if you are a package deal w/ someone else.

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    Maris Astiz

    Hi Kevin! I’m a female looling for a spot on a beer league team. I play frisbee once a week in Baltimore. Really looking to have some fun at the beach and meet new people next weekend. Would be driving myself from Baltimore on Friday arvo. Let me know.Please email me at MarisaAstiz@gmail.com

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    Hey Marisa,

    I sent you an email. Please let me know if you are still looking for a team. My team would be happy to have you.

    – Kevin

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    Got a hold of Maris. It sounds like she has found a team. So, my team is still looking.

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    Hey Kevin,

    I’m a woman from DC looking for a team, but I’m only available to play on Saturday and don’t need lodging. Would this be helpful for your team?


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    Hey Katie,

    Thanks for the reply. My team was able to find two additional women for our roster. We are set. If you are still looking and out of the DC area, try any of the DC area ultimate pickup groups on facebook. I’m sure you’ll find a team very quickly there.

    Best of luck,

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