JULY 27-28, 2019 IN NEW JERSEY
Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament is the largest beach ultimate tournament in the world! It consists of 4-on-4 team competitions for players of all levels, ages 18 & over. More than 500 teams from all over the globe compete in the tournament.
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Hello; Teams:  Waitlisting means you are still “IN” the tournament.  We are sorting out all the brackets, and you might be requested to switch divisions. Teammates:  Waitlisting means that you need to ‘wait’.  The way the system works, we can’t separate teams vs players from waitlist status.  So, players on registered teams are updated to...
Breakmark 2018 Wildwood Team Order Deals! To order, contact Mat: sales@breakmark.com.     _ Front Panel Tank $20/tank* A $5 savings! +$5 to add numbers +$5 to add names _ Spot Sub Tank + Bucket Hat $45* A $5 savings! Names/Numbers Included _ Spot Sub LS Hoodie + Full Sub Tank $55* A $20 Savings! Names/Numbers Included...
We’re excited to announce that Breakmark will be the official merchandising partner of Wildwood 2018! They’re providing some sweet discounts on jerseys for teams. Breakmark is offering 3 great sublimated deals for Wildwood2018. Front panel tank deal for $20/tank. A $5 Savings!** $+5 if you want to add numbers $+5 if you want to add names Spot...
How do I Register for WWBeachUltimate2019? You must be a member of ultimatecentral.usetopscore to register (free account).  To logon or create a new account, use the “Sign In” button on the top right corner.  UltimateCentral accounts are based on your email address, and lots of confusion will arise from multiple accounts in your name.  (When...

Fun in the Sun, Fun in the Sand, Fun in the Surf!

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