Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

July 27-28, 2024

*We never close registration!  But, active registration ends July 15, 2024.  After that date, your team will be placed on a waiting list so we can organize brackets and might be requested to shift to a different division.

  • 3/1 Beer – 3 Male, 1 Female players on the field for each point.   Beer Divisions are for teams who care more about fun than winning.
  • 2/2 Beer – 2 Male, 2 Female players on the field for each point. Beer Divisions are for teams who care more about fun than winning.
  • 2/2 Competitive* – 2 Male, 2 Female players on the field for each point (*Minimum 8 teams).
  • GM Mixed –Grand Masters comprised of Male(40+yo) and Female (37+yo) members. 2 Male, 2 Female players on the field for each point.  (If both captains agree at the beginning of the match, they may opt to play 3/1).
  • High School Mixed -SUNDAY only/reduced fee* – 3 Male, 1 Female players on the field for each point(If both captains agree at the beginning of the match, they may opt to play 2/2) (*this division may be eliminated if insufficient teams register to create a pool)

Initial $500 TEAM registration fee covers up to 10 players on your roster.  Even if you only have 7 players on your roster, the team fee still applies.

Each additional player is $50 and there is NO roster limit.  (Your roster can have 20+ members)

If you have more than 10 players, we need the additional funds (charged as per player) to cover all the costs involved with having additional persons at the event.  Do the math: (12 members = Team fee(covers 10) + 2*(player fee) = $500 + 2*($50) = $500 + $100 = $600 total for 12 members.)

We are sorry, we do not accept individual players that are un-associated with teams. However, you can use the Matchmaker tab to find players/teams or our social media to hook up teams/players.

This is a NON USAU sanctioned event.

Friday night, Fast Pass begins at 8 pm, General check-in begins at 9pm, runs to 10 pm. Location: Blue Water Grille second floor at the Bolero Resort, 21+ ID required for entry.  Under 21, there will be an alternate check-in location.

*FastPass is for teams that have already paid in full and completed ALL their waivers online, BEFORE Tuesday July 25, 2024 at 11:59pm EDT.

Someone responsible must go, they will need to bring all waivers not signed online and any outstanding money owed. If you pay and sign your waivers online ahead of time you will save time.

IF you have everyone pay online ahead of time AND sign all their waivers online ahead of time then you can get your packet from the HQ tent on Saturday morning BEFORE the FIRST GAME starting at 8:30am.  Do not play without Checking in!   Please let us know ahead of time by emailing BEFORE midnight to: [email protected]. DON’T BE THAT NO-SHOW TEAM!

All participants MUST be wearing wristbands during the weekend tournament.
If you are playing on the field, and don’t have a wristband, you risk forfeiture by your team.

W2BU allows players to play in Bare Feet, Sandsocks, or Tennis Shoes (if necessitated due to injury and acceptable to both teams). No cleats or other type of shoe is allowed!

AFTER you report your scores, feel free to relax!

5:00 pm – 9 pm  at the Hucking Hurricane Hut on the beach near HQ.

Wrist-bands + over 21 ID required!  Party moves to tournament hotel club at the Bolero after 9pm.

Note:  Wildwood beach is closed at night.



Friday night:  Team Check-in!  Required.

Your team (either on the A or B-schedule) will play  4 games Saturday; .  Hey, don’t worry if you don’t have a winning record on Saturday.  Brackets are shuffled Sunday, with multiple trophy chances!  Sunday brackets start with every team having an even chance to win a trophy!

Your team is scheduled to play 2 games minimum on Sunday (still on same A or B schedule).  Please Check-in with your opponent team FIRST if you wish to Forfeit.  (no one likes a no-show bye round)

3 games Sunday include finals/consolation round.   If you win your finals, you win a trophy!  Come to HQ to collect your trophy and bragging rights!


Saturday – Pool Play

Start Time End Time Round GROUP
 9:30 AM 10:15 AM Round 1 A
10:30 AM 11:15 AM Round 2 B
11:30 AM 12:15 PM Round 3 A
12:30 PM 1:15 PM  Round 4 B
1:30 PM 2:15 PM Round 5 A
 2:15 PM Group A Report Scores!      
 2:30 PM 3:15 PM Round 6 B
 3:15 PM Group B Report Scores!      
 4:00 PM 4:45 PM Pre-1/4s A
 5:00 PM 5:45 PM Pre-1/4s B
PREPARTY  Report Scores!      

Saturday Party

5:00 pm – 9 pm at the Hucking Hurricane Hut on the Beach.  Wrist-bands + over-21 ID required!  Details above.

Party moves to the Bolero after 9 pm.

Sunday Elimination Games

Start Time End Time Round GROUP
 10:00 AM 10:50 AM Quarters A
11:00 AM 11:50 AM Quarters B
12:00 PM 12:50 PM SemiFinals A
 1:00 PM  1:50 PM SemiFinals B
 2:00 PM ??? PM Finals A
 3:?? PM Group A Trophies Awarded!      
 3:15 PM ??? PM Finals B
 4:?? PM Group B Trophies Awarded!

Trophy Distribution CLOSES at 5 pm

REMINDER:  Wildwood is a family friendly beach.

It is unlawful to fail to immediately obey all orders, directions, whistles or other signals used by the lifeguards and police.

No Beach Tags required.  Beaches in Wildwood are free for all visitors.  HOWEVER, all tournament participants are required to have W2BU wristbands!

Swimming is only permitted at guarded beaches. Areas will be designated by lifeguards with flags.  The Wildwood Beach Patrol provides full-time staff from approximately 10 am – 5:30 pm.

No person is allowed on the beach between the hours of 10 p.m and 6 a.m

Alcohol, skimboards, watercraft, vehicles, open fires, feeding seagulls and littering are prohibited, according to the Wildwood Beach Patrol.

NOTE:  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beach, violators are subject to criminal proceedings. There are police officers assigned to patrol the beach.  DON’T BE A SILLY BEACHGULL!  A silly beachgull will carry a branded case of beer onto the Beach, in front of HQ, walking past a patrolman.  OUCH!

BE AWARE! New Jersey Beach law states: Coolers with food and soft drinks are permitted on the beach, no glass containers, no pets, no alcohol. Note: All coolers will be subject to inspection.


  • Before 05/31/2024: 100% refund
  • 6/1/2024 – 6/30/2024: 50% refund
  • 7/1/2024 – 7/14/2024: 25% refund.
  • After 7/14/2024: NO REFUND

Refunds will be based on the date/time stamp of the email sent requesting the refund. If you request a refund after midnight on 7/14/2024, you will be denied, except extraordinary hardship, which will be reviewed on a case by case basis AFTER the tournament.

REGARDING INDIVIDUAL PLAYER FEE REFUND REQUESTS (amounts paid in excess of the team fee that covers 10 players).

Requests must be made by email to [email protected].  Include all details, start with TEAM NAME, Division, Captain, Player and What is the request.  (duplicate registration error; dropping from team; etc.).  REMINDER.  we can not refund the TEAM FEE (that is the minimum payment). Only fees that are “EXTRA” can be refunded.  See below for information to swap or ‘replace’ players. There are NO REFUNDS after the tournament starts FRIDAY check-in registration.  (we procured resources based on the registration numbers).


For captains.  (you must be registered captain and logon to the site to modify the roster)

To modify your roster, please follow instructions here, to perform a ‘drop and swap’.

This is the best means to exchange players on your roster.

Only Registered Captains can edit the roster.  However CHECK YOUR ROSTER BEFORE FRIDAY NIGHT, heck, BEFORE FASTPASS DEADLINE. BE AWARE OF DOUBLE-REGISTRATIONS! (Where the Captain added a Player, AND the same Player added themselves to the team roster a second time!!!!).  CHECK YOUR ROSTER BEFORE FRIDAY NIGHT CHECK-IN, heck, BEFORE FASTPASS DEADLINE. Please No Changes after July 26, 2023!  (FASTPASS Deadline)

DO NOT change your team name after July 15! *SERIOUSLY*. Changing team names last minute creates a scheduling headache that waste TDs’ time, so Just DON’T DO IT! The TDs will change it back to the name prior to that date.

SPECIAL REQUESTS.  Please register your team BEFORE you make a special request.
We are unable to fulfill any requests if your team doesn’t exist in registration.

Send Requests to [email protected]

ALL Team-related requests must come from the TEAM CAPTAIN.  For your request, please include: Division, FULL TEAM NAME, team Captain name/email.
Then, write the EXACT request you are making.  (i.e.  we want 2 teams on opposite schedule close to each other;  We want to play against team X, etc.)
If you are missing critical information, you request can not be fulfilled. (i.e., if you need to drop a player from your roster, you need to include their full name and email address)
All fully understandable requests are filed by date, and fulfilled in order of date filed.

We make every effort to accommodate all requests, made PRIOR to July 15.