Register for WWBeachUltimate

How do I Register for WWBeachUltimate?

You (Captains AND Players) must be a member of (free account) to register for the tournament .  Click on the link below to get to portal.  You must logon or create a new account  (if the page doesn’t ask for it, use the “Sign In” button on the top right corner).  **NOTE: accounts are based on your email address, and lots of confusion will arise from multiple accounts in your name.  When creating an account, try to use a PERMANENT email address, since your school email address will expire one day.

STEP 1.  The captain/organizer of your team must register AND pay your team fee of $500, which covers 10 members.

(NOTE TO CAPTAINS REGARDING TEAM NAMES:  Please select your team name and photo to conform to our policy of keeping the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament “family-friendly”.  If your team name/photo is deemed offensive, per notice, you will have one (1) chance to re-name your team.  If you attempt to re-introduce the same name, your team name will be updated for you.  If you attempt a second time to change your name, you will be invited to not participate in the event, as you have overlooked the spirit of the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament.)

ALSO: DO NOT change your team name after July 15!   *SERIOUSLY*.  You just create issues with scheduling; which is already a headache.  Please don’t waste the organizers’ time, THANK YOU.

STEP 2.  The captain can add members to the team during initial team registration or do this later (try to complete your roster by July 20.)  Members are added from the list of registered players, or unregistered players Via EMAIL address, but it’s best to get registered First, and have your captain add you after.  (*be sure you both agree which email account is active to avoid confusion!)

STEP 3.  The team fee ($500) covers 10 players total.  Team rosters can by any size, with players exceeding the 10 spots, each additional player on the roster greater than 10 is an additional FEE per player($50).  That fee that can be paid for at time of team registration OR by the individual team member at a later date. (but best to complete before July 23. 2024, to keep your FASTPASS status).

STEP 4.  All members of the team must sign in to portal, and sign their individual waivers.  No signed waiver, No playtime for you.  Waivers must be signed each year you play.

Waivers during Registration

When registering for an event you will be asked to sign a waiver on the Waivers page of the registration flow.

(This is the blue tab in the image below:  shown below “2) Waivers”. )

Our waiver can be signed electronically (*PREFERRED) and you will see an option to “Agree to Waiver”. (see below)

*NOTE: It is preferred that you sign waivers electronically (no paper to forget). You have the option to download and print waivers. These waivers must be signed and turned in to the event coordinator during check-in. At the bottom of the waiver page, you will see a button to Download & Print, if you wish to utilize this option.

You may not participate in the tournament if you do not sign the waiver.   People without waivers are NOT participants and may not play.


  1. Félix Meilleur

    Hello, I’ve registered a team for the last 2 years and I am looking foward to the 2019 edition. I’m having some difficulty recruting my roster this year and I don’t know yet if we are going to register as 3-1Beer or 2-2 Beer. What is the deadline to register a team? If I register now in 2-2 can I change to 3-1?

    thank you

    1. GuestLogin

      Hello Felix:
      Yes, of course. All you have to do is FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
      Check out: This has answers to all your questions.
      Then, Read all the way at the bottom, in the section labelled: Special Requests.
      Follow those instructions If you need to request a change.

      TD WWBeachUltimate

  2. Ian Mack

    I was wandering when should we expect registration to be up? I know there’s a lot if unknown out there just want something to look forward to. You all host an awesome tournament. Hoping to defend our trophy
    Ian Mack

    1. GuestLogin

      Registration opening first week of May.

  3. Brent Shep

    Thanks for the update on everything. What happens if tournament is allowed but majority of team feels uncomfortable with the situation? Therefore not being able to get a team together. Not talking about deciding the day of to not go but a week out or so

    1. GuestLogin

      We have a published refund policy (that we rarely follow). A week out is really too late, (we are loading trucks a week in advance).
      3 weeks is a better timeframe, if the tournament is not cancelled prior.

  4. Steph courtright

    If anyone needs a girl for their team I’m willing to make new friends

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