Tips For Getting Space in Wildwood

When making reservations for accommodations in Wildwood, Hotels will be asking you some questions:

  • Are you over 21 years of age?
  • Or are you over 25 years of age?
  • How many people will be staying in the room?
  • We have a minimum stay of 3 nights.

The best rates will be offered to the most desirable occupants and the criteria will be: A two person reservation for a couple who is over 25 years of age and who is a member of AAA. Ask for a room with two double beds. Most hotels/motels will charge an extra $10 per person per night. Many of the hotels are small mom and pop hotels where the owners typically are living at the hotel or are always present. It is in their best interest to give the rooms to the most desirable occupants.

In the past, mentioning that you are coming in for the Beach Ultimate tournament tends to put the owners a little on the cautious side. Since you won’t be able to meet the owners or management, it may be better to reserve a room under the desirable occupant.

Hotels are going to try and get reservations for a 3 night stay. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. If reservations are made far enough in advance some two night reservations will be accepted. However they will typically hold rooms for customers willing to book a reservation for the 3 night stay. As the date of the tournament gets closer some rooms may open up for a 2 night stay if the reservations are not filling up. This is a hit or miss chance? If the weather is going to be sunny and hot during the weekend more people tend to go to the beach and all the rooms can get booked up.


Hotel Phone Comments
Bolero Resort & Conference Center 609 522-6929 Tourney HQ       www.boleroresort.com
Beach Terrace 800-841-8416
Next to Tourney HQ
Greater Wildwoods Hotel & Motel Association 609-522-4546 http://greaterwildwoodshotelandmotelassociation.wildwood.com/
(If all hotel rooms are booked up: they try and assist with finding vacancies at local hotels)
Greater Wildwood Hotel/Motel Association www.wildwoods.org
Wildwood Chamber of Commerce 609-729-4000 www.gwcoc.com
The Sea Scape Inn 609-729-2200 theseascape.com
Camp Phone
Beachcomber Camping Resort 800-814-2267
Bell Plains State Park 609-861-2404
Big Timber Lake Camping Resort 609-465-4456
800-542- CAMP
Cape Island Campground 609-884-5777
Depot travel Park 609-884-2533
Holly Shores trav-L-Park 609-886-1234
Adventure Bound 609-465-4440
Ponderosa Campground 609-465-7794
Seashore Campsites 6609-884-4010
Shellbay Family Camping Resort 609-465-4770
Lake Laurie Campground 609-884-3567