JULY 25-26, 2020 IN NEW JERSEY
Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament is the largest beach ultimate tournament in the world! It consists of 4-on-4 team competitions for players of all levels, ages 18 & over. More than 500 teams from all over the globe compete in the tournament.
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Photo album here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nsmdeW9ZQkrStkwMA Reminder:  Wildwood Beach Ultimate is located on the beach of the city of Wildwood, a family-friendly venue. Please keep in mind, that we wish to maintain a good relationship with the city, and return for years to come. 
Hello Wildwood Beach Ultimate 2019 Players: Thanks to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors, and donors and the City of Wildwood, all of whom made this year’s Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament a success!  It was our 27th year and you helped make it great.  We were blessed with wonderful weather and had one of the smoothest...
Breakmark Team Pre-Event Orders The more your team packages together, the more your team will save! Team rules:Order 1 team item and save 15%. (Minimum order is 12 pieces)Order 2 team items and save 20% (same order, minimum 12 pieces each of 2 products)Order 3 or more team items and save 25% (same order, minimum 12...
Hello Beach Ultimate Community! Its been a miserable winter; between polar vortexes, atmospheric rivers, tornadoes, and thunderstorms!  Good news; a quick check of the Farmer’s Almanac shows summer will be great.  Let’s start planning!;  It’s our 27th annual Wildwood Beach tournament!  Check-in: Friday July 26, 2019. Tournament: July 27-28, 2019.  We hope that everyone comes...

Fun in the Sun, Fun in the Sand, Fun in the Surf!

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