Breakmark pre-event Special 2019

Breakmark Team Pre-Event Orders
The more your team packages together, the more your team will save!

Team rules:
Order 1 team item and save 15%. (Minimum order is 12 pieces)
Order 2 team items and save 20% (same order, minimum 12 pieces each of 2 products)
Order 3 or more team items and save 25% (same order, minimum 12 pieces each of 3 or more products.
We will ship all gear to one address only, for team distribution.

Deadlines (and extra fees):
Artwork must be submitted to Breakmark by June 10th in order to qualify.  Any artwork received between June 11th and June 13th will be charged a $50 art fee. Art received June 14th will be charged a $75 art fee.
Orders must be completed by June 14th to qualify – all sizes, payment in full and ship to address must be provided by June 14th.
Any orders submitted between June 15th and June June 21st will be charged a rush fee of $100 + $10 per product being ordered.
No orders accepted after June 21st.

To order, contact Mat via email: [email protected]

 or call : New Breakmark phone#: 978 540 0987

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