The American Beach Ultimate Association [ABUA] is proud to announce WW31!


Hello Beach Ultimate Community and fans of WildWood Beach Ultimate[W2BU]!

It’s our 31th annual Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament!

  • Check-in: Friday July 289, 2023.
  • Tournament: July 29-30, 2023.

We hope that everyone comes out to enjoy Wildwood beach, one of the largest beaches in New Jersey.  We play on the sand adjacent to the world-class boardwalk between the amusement park extensions of Morey’s Piers.  Sand, sun, fun!  What more could you want?

MORE ULTIMATE?!  The ABUA [American Beach Ultimate Association] is proud to host the world’s largest ultimate tournament, once again.  The 30th annual Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament is July 29-30, 2023.  We are committed to a world-class ultimate experience for all participants.  We include, as we have for the past decades:  all lined fields, team-water/ice/fruit, on-site services (trainers/medics), the best ultimate party on the beach(21+).  We remain the world’s largest ultimate tournament, and still have room to grow, help spread the word!

This year we are preparing the following:

  • Beer Bracket-3M/1F;
  • Beer Bracket-2M/2F;
  • Competitive Division-2M/2F;
  • GM-Mixed Division. *NEW.  This will be strict Grand Masters age requirements. 40+/M 37+/F.
  • HighSchool Bracket. A 1-day tournament.  (Sunday July 30).  Reduced fee or Volunteer hours applicable.  (contact [email protected] for more information)

We remind you that the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament is family-friendly!  Team names, uniforms and behavior should reflect and RESPECT!  This applies to any requirements dictated by the Board of Health for the City/State/Nation.  We will provide updates as they are needed.

We want you to be aware of the charitable causes we support.  Among other organizations, your tournament funds helped us to donate to:

  • The City of Wildwood; Parks & Recreation department, helping keep their doors open for youth afterschool activities;
  • The City of Wildwood; boardwalk restoration and beach maintenance projects;
  • PADA[Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance] and PHUEL [Philadelphia High school Ultimate Education League}
  • Tee Off for Veterans
  • Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation
  • Valley Forge DAR
  • The American Legion
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • As well as numerous other efforts

We’ll see you on the beach!