Wildwood2023 EVERYONE READ THIS for tournament

Greetings from the Wildwood 2023 TDs, staff and volunteers!

Before you read anything else consider this — New tougher laws and enforcement are happening at Wildwood Beach this year, including a ban on POSSESSION of alcohol.  Take this seriously.

Please READ this ENTIRE email, as it contains important information regarding this year’s tournament.

CHECK-IN. Friday night is Check-in at the Bolero Resort, Blue Water Grille.

Someone responsible for your team must go, they will need to bring all waivers not signed online and any outstanding money owed. Get all your rosters, waivers, and payments completed NOW. On Friday night, the wi-fi and servers will be bogged down and SLOW. Last-minute changes will not show up in a timely fashion.

FASTPASS is only for teams that have fully paid and completed ALL their waivers online by the deadline. Teams that completed tasks (completely paid, waivers signed)  BEFORE Tuesday 7/25 Midnight EDT qualify for FASTPASS. You don’t sign up for FASTPASS, either your “IN” or “OUT”.  Check the website to determine if your team qualified for FASTPASS. https://wwbeachultimate.com/wildwood2023-fastpass-list/

  • Times
    • Fast Pass teams – Friday at 7pm -9pm.
    • Remaining teams – Friday 8-9pm.
    • After 9pm, see below.
  • Location
    • 2nd floor of the Blue Water Grille inside the Bolero Resort, second floor (must be 21+).
  • ONLY 1 representative per team allow inside Blue Water Grille 2nd floor
  • UNDER 21? Check-in, go to Room 115, by pool area. From 8:00pm-9:30pm

If your team can’t make check-in Friday night, you can check-in Saturday morning at HQ on the sand, BEFORE the first round.

  • PLEASE EMAIL [email protected]. SUBJECT: LATE CHECKIN and include your TEAM name and Captains name.
  • If you didn’t e-sign your waiver, YOU DON’T PLAY THE TOURNAMENT, unless your arrive with your signed printed waiver.

*Reminder: all team players must be on your team roster and sign a waiver.

  • ELECTRONIC WAIVER is the best way to sign your waiver. Login to your ultimatecentral.com  account, under “Events” top tab, find “WildwoodBeachUltimate2023”, look for waiver icon and follow instructions.

The field MAP and brackets will be online at TOURNAMENT CENTRAL. https://wwbeachultimate.ultimatecentral.com/ Late Friday night.


*All participants MUST be wearing wristbands during the weekend tournament. If you are playing on the field, and don’t have a wristband, you risk forfeiture by your team.

The Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament is played on the family-friendly Wildwood beach!  There are strict rules and regulations regarding this.  BE SMART!

*Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beach, violators are subject to criminal proceedings. Due to past infractions, the tournament now must pay for police officers to patrol the beach. They will ticket you. You have been warned!

Please respect and obey the Lifeguards.

Our event is RAIN OR SHINE.

In case of dangerous inclement weather (thunderstorms), Lifeguards will sound the alarm.

  • IMMEDIATELY CLEAR THE BEACH! Nothing is more important that your safety and the safety of others.
  • All game play stops immediately.
  • There will be lifeguard whistles and our horn to signal a stoppage of play.
  • Fully clear the beach (not under the boardwalk).
  • You can return to the beach after the all-clear signal. Approx. 15 minutes after the all clear, the schedule will resume with the delay added to the times.
  • UPDATES + NEWS: Delays and updates are available and posted on the website (http://wwbeachultimate.com/news/ AND http://wwbeachultimate.ultimatecentral.com/  (scroll to middle of page))


General format is sorting teams to make the trophy brackets for Sunday. You can lose all your games Saturday and still win a trophy Sunday!

There’s a QR code to report your scores printed on the program? Or go to: http://wwbeachultimate.com/report-scores/  REPORT YOUR SCORES!

You can also report your scores at the big yellow truck with schedules at HQ tent.

It is most important to report the scores of your final game on Saturday – this determines where you play Sunday.


PARTY on the beach! 21+ only. Bring your IDs! You will be carded. NO EXCEPTIONS.



_Please do not bring anything into the party area, we DO NOT HAVE SPACE (no bags, no tents, no chairs)  Leave all items outside the fence.  We have security.

_You ARE allowed to bring in food into the party area.

_No liquids, no containers can be carried in/out of the party area at all.  You will be required to dump your cup.  NO exceptions. PERIOD. We will provide water inside the area, and you must use our cups. Beer is ONLY to be dispensed in provided cups.  No Jugs or personal containers allowed.

_Port-a-potties are available outside the fenced area.  Please respect the beach and your fellow players.  Please don’t jeopardize our permit.  Players observed violating the Garden will be ejected and reported to authorities

_There is a shortage of beach workers, Please, Please, PLEASE pick up your trash!  Please!

See you on the sand!