Wildwood matching funds 2-week challenge.

ABUA [American Beach Ultimate Association] the group that hosts the Wildwood Beach Ultimate tournament is putting out a plea for support.   ABUA is asking for past and present participants to consider donating to these worthy causes, and will contribute matching funds for donations made between JULY 17-31, 2020.

ABUA is a not-for-profit company that supports the city of Wildwood and a wide range of charities, including PADA Youth Ultimate, Edgely Field restoration (home of PADA); as well as organizations in support of veterans and first responders.


_Wildwood Recreation Center.

This link is for donations to the Wildwood Recreation Programs through a new program called RecDesk.  The funds go directly into the Recreation Trust Fund and people can pay by Credit/Debit Card if they would like to or they can do it the old fashion way and fill out the form online and send the check later.



_First responders